Physical Therapist – Sign on Bonus

(Up to $10K)

Sacramento, CA, United States

At VibrantCare Rehabilitation, it’s not just a job, it’s an EXPERIENCE!  VibrantCare Rehabilitation’s vision is to be the BEST rehab provider in the communities we serve. To allow our TEAM to reach this VISION, we have created a CULTURE where we provide an OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE for all our patients as well as a FUN and ENERGETIC atmosphere for our TEAM MEMBERS!

We have rewarding and exciting OPPORTUNITIES for your career! Our goal is to create a track to help YOU reach your individual goals whether it is to become certified in a specialty or learn about being a TEAM leader, we want to create a path that will help you and us reach our common goal of providing OUTSTANDING clinical care to all our patients.

Our CULTURE also comes with our motto of “one TEAM= one VISION.” This motto helps everyone on the TEAM know that we are all in this together!

Currently we are looking to hire a FT/PT/Per Diem Physical Therapist at our North Sacramento outpatient orthopedic facility. An ideal applicant will have previous outpatient experience. Immigration assistance is available if needed!

An exciting career awaits you, call today for more information!!!

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Teledata Careers

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Teledata Technologies, Networx Inc and Comworx Inc. are three separate technology companies operating under one great brand to serve as your complete technology solution provider. With our unique setup, we provide engineering, installation, and support for voice, data, fiber, audio/visual, security and life safety solutions.  With an unlimited bid license, we have completed hundreds of projects throughout Nevada and California.  Our management team has deep roots from mutual past experiences and our trained and certified technical staff provides our clients with the most advanced and cutting edge technology available.

Teamworx is a collaboration of three company divisions that are meant to support and function as an all-in-one Technology solution for businesses.  From our humble beginnings, Teamworx has grown from a small 1 person company to a Regional leader in Business Technology Solutions.  Our companies and the team have a collaborative approach to problem-solving.  Each division works together to find the most effective and cost-efficient solution for your business  needs.  From our first communication to our delivery and installation, our divisions work seamlessly to ensure a value-added solution that helps you stay focused on your customers.  Our service and support are second to none in the region.  Each solution we offer is guaranteed to be tailored to your specific needs an create the maximum possible value.

When you partner with Teamworx means you receive the most qualified specialists in each of their areas.  Working with just one company for all your business technology needs will eliminate the need for organizing –fluctuating delivery dates, multiple invoices, and upcharges and keep communications at their most simple.

We understand that completing the project right the first time eliminates hassle.  We anticipate our clients’ needs and create an efficient organization that allows us to move quickly and with the most diligent of methods.

Our team in each company is highly qualified and skilled in the area of expertise.  It is with these certifications and qualifications that we have become partners with industry leaders.  Our team currently carries over 250 plus years of experience in their fields.  It is this experience that we extend to our clients every day. We are partners with over 40 companies who require hundreds of hours of training a year.  We can guarantee that our work and products will be the best in the industry.

We are constantly learning about new innovations and training to become the most knowledgeable company in the business.  Together our team holds over 60 certifications in all areas of Information Technology.

Our goal is to be the only solution your business needs to stand out in the marketplace.

Jobs :

Operation Manager

The purpose of an Operations Manager is to oversee the daily operations of the operations business and perform in a leadership role.  This includes setting project schedules, allocating and planning for work to be performed, and providing the proper material and equipment necessary to meet the budgeted cost and exceed the gross margin and quality standards.

Warehouse Runner

Assists and oversees system for efficient warehouse storage and delivery of materials to & from job sites

Fire Alarm – Line Safety Division Engineer

The role of the Fire Alarm Design Engineer is to promote complete system integration for building Fire Alarms to the Electrical and end user client Bid Market. This position will need to evaluate

clients’ job(s) and help assess life safety design, as well as educate our clients on the pros and cons of various system components and help them decide which will serve them best.


Many other positions:

Environmental Sales Hiring: Culture and its Impact on RecruitingIn this article, we will discuss about Environmental Sales Hiring, from the point of view of Daniel from Sales Experts Executive Recruiters. As recent studies suggest, few employees are willing to sacrifice good corporate culture, and they’ll even trade it for a raise when asked to choose.

Particularly in the sales industry, employees want to sell products that are compelling and interesting to them. In fact, 78% of those surveyed would accept less pay if they could sell something more compelling. In Environmental Sales, this can be especially important as employees seek to find corporate cultures that align with their views.

Understanding and Implementing Culture

Company culture should not be mistaken for company perks. While a company’s culture can definitely be a perk, the culture of a company is based on its norms, traditions and communication styles. When corporate culture is done correctly, you’ll be known as a brand that people can trust and a company for whom people love to work.

Employers today are seeking companies whose cultures include good work-life balance. Those with perks like discounted day cares, laundry services or other perks that help employees better manage their time are almost always worth a small trade in salary. To find the truth about what your future employees may be hoping exists in your company’s culture, follow some of the tips below.

  • Talk to your former employees. If you are still able to reach former employees who may be open to a lunch outing, these people are the most likely to tell the truth about what they found to be lacking from your company’s culture. Expect brutal honesty, as these former employers won’t have anything to lose from being honest with you.
  • Use anonymous surveys to ask current employees their thoughts.
  • Encourage open honesty and confidentiality in the workplace. This will allow employees to feel more comfortable discussing problems that may be keeping great employees from applying at your company!
  • Look at reviews on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor for a look at what former employees are saying about your company.
  • Conduct exit interviews for those leaving your company. These interviews can provide valuable information from those willing to do them, and most employees are open to discussing why they left after another job is secured. Ask questions such as “What did the new company offer that you wish would have been offered here?” “What are some ways you feel the work environment could be changed to promote more honesty and idea sharing?” “Did you feel like anything was lacking during your time here?” Of course, a satisfaction survey can be given as well with more specific questions.

Cultures Employees Love

While different types of companies do and should have very different cultures, some things are popular across the board.

  • Options that help work-life balance such as child care perks, gym memberships, laundry services or complimentary counseling services.
  • Continued training. Employees can start to feel they have “topped off” if they don’t see themselves promoted and no new skills are learned. To keep employees from feeling stagnant, encourage mobility within the company and offer continued training. It’s mutually beneficial!
  • Clear missions, visions and values. Employees want an honest picture of the company and where it strives to go.

Overall, before you look to add another member to your Environmental Sales team, you may want to take a look at your company’s culture and how it aligns with the type of people you are striving to attract at your company.

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